All About Pigs: The Good, Good Pig by Sy Montgomery


3 of 5 stars.

Did you know… that human flesh tastes like pig… according to Polynesian cannibals who coined the term “long pig” for human meat? Yeah, me either… but I’ll just trust them on that. Pigs are also extremely smart and kind. There were many random facts in this book… so naturally…


That’s mainly what I got out of this book. Christopher Hogwood is truly amazing. I’ve never spent a lot of time around pigs, so I never realized how much personality they have. In The Good, Good Pig, Sy Montgomery tells a lot of heartwarming stories about Chris – how the entire community saved scraps for him, how he ended up bringing them lifelong friends they wouldn’t have otherwise known, how he loved his bath times, how he simply loved with his whole heart.

There were also a lot of historical tidbits about pigs and several side stories about Sy’s excursions for her wildlife research (She’s a freelance writer for sources like Nat Geo). There were a lot of facts, but what this story is lacking is emotion. There were a lot of times when I should have cried because of what was happening, but this book was written with such a lack of emotion that I was nowhere close.

I would only recommend this book to people who want to read facts about animals… a pig, chickens, dogs, tigers, etc. There’s a lot of animals and stories… but if you are a memoir lover because you want to read about someone’s emotional journey and life lessons, skip this one.


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