2013 Top Five Countdown #4: The Forgotten Garden

After much contemplation, I picked my favorite five books that I read in 2013 (not necessarily published in 2013) and will post one review per week until we get to the top.

Last week #5 was What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty, and the review can be found here.

And… in fourth place we have… The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. I’ve chosen it because of Kate Morton’s writing style that is reminiscent of the classics.


5 of 5 stars!

I absolutely loved this book. It was the first time I read a book by Kate Morton, and I immediately searched all the local thrift stores for more of her books… and I found two – all for the low price of 1 dollar!! I have yet to read them.. you know how to-read lists pile up, but that’s a small demonstration of how much I loved her writing.

My O.G. review:

The Forgotten Garden was so amazing, so refreshing. The characters had so much life. The story switched back and forth between time periods but was not difficult to follow at all. It was a steady unfolding of hinting of events and then revealing the whole story. It captured my attention for the entire book. There were never any times where the book was lagging or where I wished it would hurry and get to the point – which happens all to often. Kate Morton even includes some of the fairy tales that are in the book that the Forgotten Garden is centered around, and they were incredible. There is so much symbolism in this book that really makes you think. This book is so rich in detail. I believe I could read it several more times and keep discovering small nuances. Kate Morton is now, without a doubt one, of my favorite writers. Her style mimics a classic but keeps you entertained. She adds suspense little by little with perfection. I will definitely be reading more of her books. This is the book that I will be comparing historical family secrets fiction to for years to come.

This was clearly before I decided to be a legit reviewer, so I’ll add a little…

The parts about this book that still stand out to me (several months later) are the couple of fairy tales that Kate Morton wrote that were from the fictional fairy tale book that was an integral part of the book. All of the magical elements were slightly woven in to make this story whimsical but did not distract from the overall real life plot. I’m slightly obsessed with magic and fairy tales – I actually have a Disney sleeve tattoo – so when it’s really well done like in this book, it sucks me right in. Plus, add in a secretive but awesome grandmother, and we’ve got GOLD!

There are some details that I have forgotten about the story, so I’ll definitely be giving it a re-read sometime in the near future.. you know, stuffed in there with the others of her books that have now been sitting on my shelf for 4 months.

Do yourself a GIANT favor and read this book. Soon. Very soon.


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